Gift Vouchers available by Email

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A Heather Raines Massage Gift Voucher is the most perfect, caring, suitable gift you can give to your loved ones, work colleagues, friends, relations, just about anyone really.

Please just complete this Gift Voucher Inquiry form below, and I will be on our way to organising for you. As I do not have a shop, or shop front, or receptionist to keep my prices affordable, please know that Gift Voucher delivery by email is my only option for you. Thank you for your understanding and help.

The process is easy. We discuss what type of gift is most suitable, type of treatment, or dollar value, payment is by credit card (sorry no Amex), and then I email the completed Gift Voucher to your preferred email address. Please note that hotmail accounts can be unreliable, if you have an alternative email address, this will be more problem free. If I email the Gift Voucher to your email, you can include a hand-written personal note onto the voucher. If you prefer me to email the Gift Voucher direct to your recipient, I can include a personal message from you. Please allow time for your Gift Voucher to be processed, the payment to be cleared, and the Gift Voucher to be received. If there appears to be any problem with the timely receipt of the Gift Voucher, please check your spam inbox, as sometimes your computer may not recognise my email address as a nominated safe address.